Saturday, February 20, 2010

GTE Country and Western Commercials

My grandfather worked for GTE, so when I found these commercials on a magazine insert record, I was thrilled.
The commercials, each one minute long, are country western songs with a brief persuasion at the end to contact the General Telephone Business Office in order to find out how to get GTE Starlite and Extension phones.

  1. The Midnight Call

  2. Lonesome Suitor

  3. Party Line

  4. Yodeling Cowboy

The record was manufactured by Eva-Tone in Deerfield, Illinois. I don't yet know the production date or publication the record appeared in. My searching has yielded nothing about this record on the internet, other than that Starlite phones appear to have been released in the '60s. If you're familiar with such information, please let me know.

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